To encourage excellence in education by promoting and funding effective programs and ideas in the Terrell Independent School District.

TISD Foundation Awards Annual Education Grants

Tiffany Hulsey - $5,353.95 to purchase Macbooks, iPads, Powersync tray, base station and more to improve learning opportunities, reduce dropout rates, increase TELPAS, STARR and TAKS for English Language Learners and  English for Speakers of other langueas at Terrell High School.





Melissa Daughtery - $5,446 to purchase a greenhouse and related supplies/equipment to fulfill TEKS requirements for Science curriculum for the Gifted and Talented campus.

Galen Rosenberg - $6,440 to purchase equipment (cameras and video systems for the Terrell High School Career and Technical Education Audio-Video Productions program.

Nathan Fieldsmith - $9,848 to purchase greenhouse, plants, soil and other related materials with a goal of increasing student comprehension of science curriculum, interconnection of science/math content and improve science curriculum coherence for the Disciplinary Alternation Education Program.

LeSha Fair - $2,138.95 to purchase iPads to increase TAKS and STARR scores and focus on communication skills, attendance and graduation rates at the PhoenixCcenter.

Celeste Harrell - $2,700 to pay registration fees and housing to attend training with a goal of attaining certifications in Kodaly and Orff music education methods for elementary music classrooms.



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