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Recent News & Events

The Board of the Terrell Excellence Foundation awarded the largest amount in one grant cycle in the history of the Foundation. Seventeen TISD staff members were recipients of a grant with the hope that the teachers can begin grant implementation before the Christmas holidays.

THS Robotics Student Grant 2022 2.jpeg

CONGRATULATIONS to THS Welding Students!

Mr. Bradly Daniels, THS Welding instructor, took 12 students to a welding competition in Alvarado to compete against students from across the state. TISD students took home three of the top ten spots and six of the top 20. Each of these students received an industrial welding certification for their performance at the event.

Since 2018 the Excellence Foundation has presented over $70,000 in grants to help this department. The latest grant was sponsored by the Terrell Economic Development Corporation for $29,000 for a new plasma cutter table.

Welding Winners

Welding 3.jpg

Furlough Middle School principal, Chris Turner, received a grant for $4,940 to provide student planners for students enrolled in the new AVID program.  The new program will address organization, collaboration, time management, reading and writing.

New AVID Program

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