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Grant Applications

(All instructions and applications should be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If your computer does not have this application, it can be downloaded for free from the Adobe link.)
All applicants must attend one Grant Writing Workshop to apply.
Individual Teacher Grants

Open to all teachers of TISD | Awards up to $2,000| Applications due once yearly in October and awarded in November.

Collaborative  Grants

Open to administrators or teaching teams of TISD | Awards up to $10,000 | Applications due in October and February and awarded in November and May.

Individual Student Grants

Open to qualified students of TISD | Awards up to $1,500 | Applications due at least 45 days prior to event deadlines.

Strategic Grants

Open to a selected campus, department, or District-wide | Supports an identified need in our schools | Larger grants are awarded in partnership with an external funder. 

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